Alabama House passes “Health Care Rights of Conscience Act” with a vote of 71-26

House approves healthcare conscience protection bill 

GOP lead Alabama House passes Health Care Rights of Conscience Act with a vote of 71-26.

This bill sponsored by Rep. Becky Nordgren, R-Gadsden, will allow healthcare providers to refuse to provide services if they conflict with the provider’s moral, religious or ethical principles. 

This includes any physician, physician's assistant, nurse, nurse's aide, medical assistant, hospital employee, clinic employee, nursing home employee, pharmacist, researcher, medical or nursing school faculty, student, or employee, counselor, social worker, or any professional, paraprofessional, or any other person who furnishes or assists in the furnishing of health care services.

Of course, while ostensibly protecting healthcare providers from discrimination, this bill actually opens up a “Pandora’s Box of potential discrimination” against patients, denying their right to much needed healthcare options by giving healtcare providers the right to 
refuse to treat people whose life choices they disagree with. 

HB31 is now being reviewed by the Alabama Senate. Please contact your state senator and let them know your opinion on this legislation.