Alabama State School Board Approves Textbooks Opposed By Conservative Groups As Anti-Christian/Pro-Islamic

The Alabama State Board of Education votes 5-2 to approve textbooks after intentionally delaying a measure to recommend more than 500 new social studies books for use in public schools in response to allegations by conservative groups objecting to 12 textbooks that they claimed had a anti-Christian and pro-Islamic bias


Objections were initially raised by the conservative groups Eagle Forum of Alabama and ACT! for America. The groups complained that there is “no mention of (Jesus’) virgin birth or of His Deity as the Son of God” in the textbooks and that the "true" nature of Islam was not discussed. 

After the vote, state superintendent Tommy Bice said that the board "listened very closely to the concerns that were voiced and [we] were very deliberate in our efforts to appease everyone's concerns as best we could. These standards are our standards. I personally took the time to read through each textbook and examine the portions that raised concerns. I feel comfortable with what was approved today."

Larry Houck, founder of the Birmingham chapter of ACT! for America "says he'll continue fighting to keep the textbooks out of Alabama classrooms, encouraging local school boards to reject textbooks."