2016 California Secular Lobby Day - Registration and Bill List

We welcome all secular and nontheistic Californians to our 2016 Secular Lobby Day! We need as many secular and nontheistic people to speak up and show their elected officials that secular Californians are voting, paying attention to the issues, and must be recognized as a constituency. No experience is necessary, we will provide training on general lobbying and on the specific topics for our lobbying visits.

Here is the list of bills that we plan to lobby on at our Secular Lobby Day on Friday, May 13 in Sacramento:

  • AB 1732 – Single-user restrooms: Eliminates gender-specific signs from single-user restrooms
  • AB 1954 – Health care coverage: Reproductive health care services: Ensures reproductive health coverage, including out-of-network providers, without a referral
  • SB 999 – Health Insurance: Contraceptives: annual supply: Extends birth control distribution limits from 3 to 12 months
  • SB 1002 – End of Life Option Act: telephone number: Provides a toll-free service to answer questions about new end-of-life options
  • SB 1005 – Marriage: Replaces terms such as “husband” and “wife” with “spouse” in many state ordinances

It's free until April 15, and then only $5. Please register today at: 2016secularlobbydayca.eventbrite.com