New Pew Data: 9% of Californian's are Atheist or Agnostic

You may have seen the recent news stories about the falling numbers of people identifying as Christians in the U.S., you can take a look at the full data released by Pew.

In particular, we would flag the significant rise nationally in people identifying not only as nones or unaffiliated (total of 22.8%), but atheist (up 1.5% since 2007 to 3.1%) and agnostic (up 1.6% since 2007 to 4.0%) in particular. Collectively, atheists and agnostics are thus significantly more than all non-Christian religions combined.

In California the numbers are even higher with unaffiliated totals at 27%, comprised of 18% nones, 4% atheist and 5% agnostic.

These are powerful numbers that reaffirm the value and importance of the work we are doing.

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