Supporting All Patients' Right to Know

The vast majority of people living in Connecticut would be surprised to find out that it is currently legal for healthcare providers to withhold standard of care treatments and services that do not conform to the tenets of the providers' sincerely held beliefs. For example, doctors practicing at Catholic owned hospitals are required to follow the medical directives set forth by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops instead of the established scientific and medical norms.  Unless this is disclosed to patients, we find this practice to be unacceptable, unethical, and dangerous.


Our bill, SB 939 'An Act Concerning a Patient's Righ to Know,' would require that such healthcare providers simply reveal this information to patients so that the patient can make fully informed decisions about whether to seek out treatments based on medical standard of care or accept treatments guided by dogma. SB 939 does NOT force medical providers to change their practices or offer treatments and services that are contrary to their sincerely held belief systems.


Please help support our bill by taking action and sending a message to your Connecticut State Legislator by clicking here.