Action Alert in Georgia! Tell Governor Deal to veto HB 757

The Georgia legislature has passed a bill combining the Pastor Protection Act and the First Amendment Defense Act (formerly HB 284) into one bill in an unprecedented, dangerous attack on religious freedom. Tell Governor Deal to veto the bill.

This bill, HB 757, would allow individuals, businesses, nonprofits, or taxpayer-funded organizations to deny service for any religiously-motivated reason, effectively legalizing discrimination.

If this bill becomes law, a restaurant could deny service to an interracial couple. A Christian homeless shelter could turn away non-Christians. A hotel could refuse a room to a single mother with her child. Doctors and nurses could withhold treatment from anyone if doing so would violate their “religious or moral convictions or policies.”

This bill is not about religious freedom. This is the government endorsing discrimination against its own citizens under the guise of "religious liberty." Tell Governor Deal that true religious freedom means that no citizen is forced to abide by the religious beliefs of others.