Grants to religious affiliated charities

Religious-affiliated charities in Maryland drew in more than $70 million in funding from the state in 2012.
Catholic Charities of Baltimore, the largest charitable organization in Maryland and the top recipient of state funding among religious-affiliated groups, received almost $28 million from the state. The majority of this — about $20 million — came from DHMH and went towards providing health care. However, about $8 million came from other departments, including the department of Education Aging, Housing and Community Development, Juvenile Services, and several other state departments looking to channel their services through the organization.  Pope Benedict XVI issued an apostolic letter directing Catholic charities that they must act in complete compliance with Catholic teachings, some of which poses a risk of conflict with secular regulations and laws.
National Lutheran Communities & Services is the second-largest recipient of Maryland state funding, receiving more than $6.5 million in 2012, according to the Department of Budget and Management’s database. This money, which accounted for 68% of the NLCS annual budget in Maryland, went toward providing healthcare to the more than 700 elderly people that NLCS houses each year. In 2012, NLCS gave more than $5 million in benevolent care, which offset the cost of care for approximately 68% of residents.
Ausburg Lutheran Home, which like NLCS provides care for the elderly, also received a significant amount of money — about 64% of it’s $10.8 million budget — from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for Medicaid.