Farmington, New Mexico dominance of visual domain by religious material on city streets

In general, I am speaking about a long-term concern about what I refer to as visual domain domination by religious conservatives in the area of Farmington, New Mexico.  They are treating the area as if it is their own private city without other kinds of interests and viewpoints in the area.  Anti-abortion signs found on every major street in the city of Farmington and on at least Hwy 550 which runs north and south to Colorado out of Farmington.  Also are to be found are large crosses on a major hillside visible from East Main, which is the main drag through the city.  There are also lots of "Jesus Saves" signs and stars on private property scattered over the area. There are absolutely no countering views to be seen anywhere in this community.  No pro-choice signs, no pro-secular signs, etc.  What needs to happen in areas like this is organization of groups like Secular Coalition for America, Americans United, ACLU and more.  We need organization, organization, organization.  People with like interests need to be able to find each other and come up with countering types of signage and perhaps insignia of some kind.  Pamphlets, bumper stickers, highway signs - you name it.  All of these things need to come up all over towns like this.  The time of silence, quietly fuming over the unfairness of it all, needs to end.  We should not sit around being victims of this sort of thing.

I am a progressive female with alternative views on the metaphysical world.  I spell everything out pretty clearly on my website, The Golden River, which covers a lot of topics, including police abuses and scandals, religous sexual abuses, child abuse and more.  I encourage people to get involved with me to fight religous domination in small towns and cities.  Farmington has people sitting around in coffee shops talking about Satan as if he is next door.  We are dealing with reality buttons, in other words.  There is a good amount of superstition in the area.  I have heard people in those coffee shops say things like the Bible is the only book they ever read.  So this is what we are dealing with in the city.  There are progressives in the area, but they don't organize adequately. So let's change that.  I would like to see alternative viewpoint signs all over the city of Farmington on a regular basis.  I am tired of the male-first male orientations in Farmington, the tendency to keep women in their place.  Also tired of the good old boy networks.  The area would make a lovely place if those with artistic and philosphical temperaments would prevail and sustain; too many people are turned off by the religious and cowboy thing and go north to Durango.  I think with diligence we can turn things around in Farmington, completely rework the area.   It is an untapped area of potential.