Statement on Toledo Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell refusal to marry a LGBT couple

Photo of Judge C. Allen McConnell of the Toldeo Ohio Municipal Court

The Secular Coalition for Ohio (SCO) is extremely disappointed that Judge C. Allen McConnell of the Toledo Ohio Municipal Court refused to marry a LGBT couple on July 6, 2015. His reasoning for refusing to perform his sworn duty as Municipal Court judge was based entirely on his religious beliefs.

Judge McConnell violated not only Rule 3 (D) of the Toledo Municipal Court rules of the court but he also violated his oath of office to perform his duty without bias and to apply the law equally and fairly.

Judge McConnell expressed a heavy biased view toward LGBT couples by labeling their marriages as "non-traditional" while labeling a marriage between a man and woman as "traditional"

SCO believes that if Judge McConnell can't perform all his duties that he has sworn to do then he needs to resign.

Religious beliefs are not an appropriate reason to deny the civil rights of any citizen.

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