Action Alert! Fight back against Pennsylvania's dangerous vaccine loopholes

The science is clear; vaccines are safe, effective, and protect our children from diseases that otherwise could be fatal. 

Last year SB 696 was introduced in the Senate Education Committee. This bill would have removed the philosophical exemption for vaccine requirements, while keeping religious exemptions intact. The legislation failed, and the state continues to allow nonmedical exemptions to put Pennsylvania's children and communities at risk for deadly, preventable diseasesTell lawmakers to introduce legislation to repeal all nonmedical vaccine exemptions.

Recent outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases, such as measles, can be traced back to unvaccinated children in states that allow nonmedical exemptions. While many parents seeking exemptions see vaccination as a personal choice, the fact is that not vaccinating your children is a choice that affects the entire community, especially those who have medical reasons for not vaccinating.

Urge your lawmakers to act now and introduce legislation to end all nonmedical exemptions for vaccines. Click here to send.