Missouri 15th Most Religious State in America

On Monday, Pew research released a new study showing where the different states fall in terms of religiosity. Unsurprisingly, Missouri is up there, ranking in as the 15th most religious state in America. According to the survey, 70% of Missourians "believe in God with absolute certainty." In addition, 56% of Missourians "say religion is very important in their lives."

According to the survey's Religious Landscape Study database, 77% of Missourians are some form of Evangelical Protestant, with the vast majority of that subgroup (15%) identifying as Baptist. The second largest grouping are the unaffiliated (religious "nones") at 20%. It should be noted that unaffiliated does not mean nonreligious or nontheistic, but rather that they do not subscibe to a specific religious doctrine or church.

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