Secular Caucus at Democratic Convention a Historic First

The first ever Secular Caucus will take place at the Texas Democratic Convention next week. This is our chance to educate a major political party on the rapidly growing secular voting bloc, the issues we care about, and the values we stand for. 

Three of our secular resolutions are under consideration to be incorporated into the party's official platform: 

  • A resolution to repeal religious exemptions to child protection laws.
  • A resolution to strike discriminatory language from the Texas State Constitution that bars nontheists from holding elected office.
  • A resolution supporting secular reproductive health care policies.

Help us make history next week by contributing to Secular Texans Rise. By helping us make our goal of raising $2,500 by next Friday, you will help ensure that we can maximize our impact at the convention. 


karen dampeer's picture

See you at the Convention!  I am a delegate and also president of Freethinkers of Central Texas. 

Ed Covington's picture

Proud to say I was a delegate at the convention and attended the Secular Caucus.  My wife, also a delegate, and I were both impressed and pleased with the size of the crowd at the caucus and the speakers who addressed us.  

LuAnne Leonard's picture

Thanks to you and your wife, we made history.  The FIRST Secular Caucus at the Texas Democratic State Convention. 

It was impressive.  It speaks to the need for viable Secular candidates to represent an ever increasing democgraphic.

Without your support, this could not have happened.