Calling on Party Activists to Promote Secular Values in Politics

Join the first ever Secular Caucus in Utah

Secular Democrats in Utah are forming the party's first ever Secular Caucus and is seeking new members and those interested in leadership positions. Sign up below.

Start a Secular Caucus in your Party

If you are a secular party activist for the Green, Libertarian, or Republican party, we want to work with you! Contact [email protected] to get involved. 

More about this intiative

As part of the Secular Values Voter campaign, the Secular Coalition is seeking to identify openly nonreligious party activists and leaders within the Democratic, Green, Libertarian, and Republican parties. Activists are invited to partner with the coalition to create change and increase our influence from within their respective party structures. By raising the visibility of and engaging party activists, the Secular Coalition seeks to submit secular planks/resolutions at local and state party conventions, form secular caucuses, create a space for nonreligious candidates, and educate the party leadership about the growing constituency of religiously unaffiliated Americans, their secular values, and the issues for which they stand.