Pro-Life Convention Held in Fairmont; A.G. Morrissey Was A Speaker

West Virginians For Life hosted their 37th annual "Life Convention" at the Trinity Assembly of God in Fairmont on Saturday. Several people came out to hear presentations and watch videos to see why it's important to not support abortion.
If you didn't think it was a big issue in our nation,  there are actually more than one million abortions every year.
5 News had to chance to talk to attorney general Patrick Morrisey,  who spoke at the rally on Saturday.  He said its very important for people to be educated on abortion, because our state has many laws in place that might change people's minds.
"People don't really have an understanding of the rules and oversight on the laws of abortion in West Virginia, and as the attorney general, we're in charge of speaking for the state on legal policy. We have been doing a review of abortion laws and regulations so we can educate people about what's going on," said Patrick Morrisey (R-W.Va.) West Virginia Attorney General.
This comes just in time for the 40th anniversary of the landmark supreme court case Roe v. Wade. Back in 1973, the high court ruled pro-choice, which is still the law of the land today.
Even though the convention was about pro-life, 5 News wanted to get your take on the issue.
One woman said she supports the right for the mother to choose.
"I'm pro-choice because I'm not going to dictate to someone what they can and can't do with their body," said Carrie Robinson, Bridgeport resident.
The convention also included a breakfast, and included several videos and presentations.