FAQ for Endorsing Organizations

Where do I sign up?
Right here! Once approved, your organization will be displayed on this page.

My group is already signed up, but we would like to update our profile.
Since we recently updated our signup form, the easiest way to update your profile is to fill out this form as if you are signing up for the first time. We will hide your former entry and, once approved, publish the new, updated one you submitted.

How does the Secular Coalition define an “established” organization?
All organizations that are incorporated are considered established. Among those that are not, you must have at least ten members and have held periodic meetings in the past year. For organizations that operate primarily online, such as online support groups (i.e. Grief Beyond Belief), you must have had some online activity or discussion in the past three months.

Can faith-based organizations sign up?
Yes! The Secular Coalition believes that separation of church and state is the best guarantee of freedom for people of all faiths and of none. If you support our mission, we are more than happy to include you in our list of endorsing organizations and we encourage you to work with our state chapters on common ground issues.

My organization is not based in one particular state. Can we still sign up to be an endorsing organization?
Yes you can! When signing up, under “State” select “None” and be sure to indicate under “Organization Type” whether you are a national or international organization.

Does signing up to endorse our state chapter mean we are also endorsing the Secular Coalition for America?
Yes. The Secular Coalition’s state chapters share the same mission as the Secular Coalition for America, working toward the same goals at the state level. When you endorse your local state chapter, you are likewise endorsing the Secular Coalition national organization, and will be listed as an endorsing organization on www.secular.org/endorsing_orgs as well as on http://states.secular.org/endorsing-groups

Does it cost money to become an endorsing organization?
Nope! It’s free. It is an honor and a privilege to represent you and your community at the state and federal level.

What are the expectations of an endorsing organization?
The minimum we desire is for you to let us know when any of the details about your organization have changed so that we can update your profile, such as changes in contact information, website link, logo, primary point of contact, or if your organization is inactive.

Will endorsing our state chapter or the Secular Coalition for America jeopardise my group’s 501(c)(3) status?
No, endorsing the mission of your state chapter and the Secular Coalition for America will not jeopardise your group’s 501(c)(3) status, as doing so does not count as lobbying.

You are only considered to be lobbying when you attempt to directly influence an elected official on a specific issue, such as supporting or opposing specific legislation.

Furthermore, it is a common misconception that 501(c)(3) organizations cannot lobby. They can, but there are regulations as to what percentage of their resources can be used for direct lobbying. For more information concerning these rules, contact [email protected].

What issues does the Secular Coalition work on?

You can find out more about the issues we work on on our Key Issues page. For a more comprehensive look at the issues we lobby on, please see our Model Secular Policy Guide.

For questions regarding endorsing organizations, contact [email protected] or call her directly at 202-299-1091, ext. 202. Nothing on this page should be construed as legal advice. Please consult your attorney or tax professional.