Inclusion Resolution Project

Inclusion Resolution Project

A grassroots initiative to protect nonreligious Americans from discrimination and educate lawmakers at the most local level of government about the true meaning of religious freedom.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees that the government will neither prohibit the free exercise of beliefs, nor favor any one religion over another. That means that people of all faiths and of none are equally protected from discrimination, whether or not their beliefs conform to the majority. This is the true meaning of religious freedom.

The Religious Right has waged an aggressive campaign to undermine religious freedom, imposing their beliefs onto all Americans and inserting their religious ideology into our laws. It’s time to take religious freedom back. And it starts with your hometown.

Many towns and cities across the United States have laws prohibiting discrimination based on religion, such as in hiring practices and housing. While these laws equally apply to the nonreligious, too many legislators at all levels of government have failed to recognize that freedom of religion includes freedom from religion. The Inclusion Resolution Project is an opportunity for everyday, nontheistic citizens to educate their local elected officials about nontheist Americans’ constitutional right to be equally protected from religious discrimination.

How to get involved

For resources and guidance for next steps, email [email protected] and put "Inclusion Resolution Project" in the subject line.