Maine Atheists and Humanists

Maine Atheists and Humanists (MAH) is a community of atheists, humanists, non-believers and secular minded people who work together to:

  • Support each other and like-minded groups and individuals, especially when dealing with pressure to endorse or participate in religious activities, or when dealing with pressure or discrimination based on our non-belief
  • Advocate, politically and otherwise, for separation of church and state and for the removal of all forms of discrimination on the basis of non-belief
  • Share resources, articles, contacts and other information related to atheism, humanism, non-belief and secularism
  • Raise the profile of atheists, humanists, non-believers and secular minded people through positive events, presentations and public education
  • Make a positive impact in Maine through charitable activities, social activism and support of worthy causes.” and 

MAH members highly value debate and discussion, which often takes place on our social media sites. We feel that the ideals of our group should be reflected in our social media, therefore we consistently present to the public the kind of positive atheism we espouse. 

5 Edwards Street Apt 1
Waterville, ME 04901
Anna Woodside