Help the SCMD by researching state laws and regulations

Help the SCMD by researching state laws and regulations

For those among us who are looking for a useful spare time activity - the Secular Coalition for Maryland could benefit from research. When arguing against particular bad bills, regulations, or laws we would like to cite exemplary alternative regulations and laws in other states.  We would also like to have a better awareness of the regulations in Maryland that differentiate between citizens based on religious belief in any way that does harm or exhibits unfair favoritism.

If you know the answers to any of these questions then let us know:

Which states do not prohibit commercial and recreational activities on Sunday?  Which states do not privilege clergy to function as wedding officiants?  Which states have purged their laws and regulations of sectarian language?  Which states do not exempt churches from cemetery and trader licensing regulations?  Which states do not begin their meetings of the legislature with a prayer?  Which states do not issue bonds to fund construction projects on property utilized by private organizations that discriminate against non-theists?  Which state laws do not differentiate between witnesses and jurors based on whether they are non-theists versus theists?  Which states do not specifically single out religious institutions for property tax and sales tax exemptions?  Which states do not exempt clergy from being compelled to testify about matters discussed with someone who sought spiritual advice?  Which states do not exempt children from hearing, vision, and lead poisoning screening if the parent has religious objections?  Which state does not exempt pregnant women from syphilis testing if the woman has religious objections?  Which states impose minimum educational achievement and/or curriculum standards on schools to qualify for state funding?  Which states do not grant the United Methodist Church perpetual ownership control over all assets of all churches with historical ties to that church?


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