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Register to vote here now. Assistance with completing the voter registration form over the Internet. Using a phone, or using text messaging, answer the questions. Depending on your state, the completed form is either submitted automatically or it is emailed or mailed to you.

Voter registration (June 26 2018 primary election): Register to vote on or by June 5, OR At an Early Voting location, when you go to vote (to register during early voting, you must present a document that proves where you live - a MD driver's license or ID card, or a paycheck, bank statement, utility bill, or other government document with your name and address) Voter registration process Your voter registration must affiliate you with a political party in order to vote in that party's primary. Review your voter registration record & find your polling place Three options for 2018 voting: During the Early Voting period (Thursday, June 21 through Thursday, June 28; 10 am to 8 pm) ( early voting information) On Election Day at your local polling place (7 am to 8 pm By absentee ballot ( information and instructions)

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Send emails or letters, or make telephone calls, to Maryland lawmakers and other government officials from our lobbying actions page. Lobbying actions are updated most frequently from mid January through early April when the General Assembly is in session with updates continuing through May when the Governor signs and vetoes bills.

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Secular wedding officiants

We need more options for secular marriage officiants in Maryland. Here are some options:

Secular addiction recovery

  • Identifies non-religious addiction recovery programs, some of which may sometimes operate somewhere in Maryland. These programs do not appeal to an imaginary "Higher Power". Note: The Secular Coalition for Maryland does not vouch for the effectiveness of any of these programs.