It is the goal of the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts, founded in October 2012, to coordinate the efforts secular Massachusetts citizens to influence officials, legislation, and regulations in the cause of separation of church and state and equality before the law. In the course of this work, we collaborate closely with our supporters in dozens of local campus, congregational, and community groups.

The SCMA is unlike any other nontheistic state organization. We bring together interested organizations and individuals for the exclusive purpose of lobbying government officials. In order to make a real impact in Boston and throughout the Commonwealth, we need the help of every interested individual. You can begin your support by signing up for our SCMA mailing list, joining one of our monthly organizing calls, making a donation to the SCA (memo line, "SCMA"), or by becoming more involved with one of our supporting groups.

Though we may identify differently as Humanist or Atheist or Nontheist or Skeptic, we are united in our common cause for a government that respects the separation of church and state, and the civic rights of all its citizens.

State Committee Co-Chairs

Ellery Schempp (Medford) is a long-standing advocate of separation of church and state. Schempp’s quiet protest (1956) objecting to "Morning Devotions" in his high school resulted in the Supreme Court decision that ended government enforced Bible-readings and prayers in public schools  [1963, Abington v. Schempp and Murray v. Curlett]. Ellery grew up in Roslyn, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. He received a B.S. degree from Tufts University (1962) and a Ph.D. from Brown University (1968).  His career in academia and research included times in Pittsburgh, California, Switzerland, and New Zealand.  He currently lives in Medford, Massachusetts. An atheist, humanist, and member of a Unitarian-Universalist church, Ellery is looking to expand outreach from the nontheist community to include underrepresented groups including Unitarians, Jewish congregations, and the Asian-American population.

Zachary Bos (Lunenburg) has been an active member of the secular movement for nearly a decade, coordinating regional travel to conferences; organizing letter-writing campaigns; participating behind the scenes at national conventions; making dozens of media appearances; lending his design and communications expertise to groups including Camp Quest New England, the National Atheist Party, the Atheist Alliance of America, the Ethical Society of Boston, and the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard; and overseeing the growth of the Boston Atheists as the largest secular group in New England. He has been the State Director for American Atheists since 2008, and identifies as an atheist and a Humanist.