Springfield, Mo schools to consider transgender bathroom policy

Springfield, Mo schools to consider transgender bathroom policy

The Springfield, Mo R-12 school district will soon decide whether or not to abide by a Federal directive to allow transgender students to use the bathroom and locker facilities that matches their gender identity. The district is waiting to hear back from its legal advisors before making a decision, but some residents have already weighed in.

According to the Springfield News-Leader:

“Since mid-May, Superintendent John Jungmann and school board members have received a total of 41 letters — many of them form letters — about the issue.

All but four letters urged the district to reject the directive signed by leaders of the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Education and supported by President Barack Obama.”

It should be noted that the form letters received by the school district express only a conservative Christian perspective on the transgender issue, saying, in part, “This letter has been written to 'strongly' urge you to stand firm in support of the beliefs and values of the constituency who has elected you to office. I am a Christian voter. I believe in Christian values and moral Biblical standards. Therefore this controversial Transgender Bathroom Law is in direct opposition to everything I believe and everything I find morally appropriate.”

This is a decidedly secular issue as the recommended rejection of the federal directive is based solely on a specific religious opinion, not on objective evidence.

The school district is expected to issue a decision early next month. The Secular Coalition for Missouri is closely monitoring the situation.

In the meantime, residents of Springfield are strongly encouraged not to wait for a decision and to write to the R-12 Superintendent expressing their support for the trans-friendly policy.


Image: Springfield Public Schools, Springfield Mo / Facebook