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Training and Volunteer Resources: 

The right side of this page includes resources for citizen activists. For more information on getting involved in grassroots secular advocacy, contact the Secular Coalition for Oregon directly. 

Model Secular Policy Guide:

Our Model Secular Policy Guide is a collaboration of the entire nontheistic movement, endorsed by 86 nontheistic, secular, and affiliated organizations across the country. The guide covers a multitude of issues affecting secular and nontheistic Americans in public life including health policy, science education, tax exemptions, religiously-based discrimination, and the treatment of nontheists in the military, among others.

The Guide is meant to help educate legislators on the views of secular and nontheistic Americans on pertinent issues, and includes historical background and legal precedent. Areas of focus include: health and safety, education, discrimination, tax policy, military, and international. 

Candidate Scorecards:

During a time when secular values are under constant attack by many politicians, the Secular Coalition for Oregon presents our Secular Voter Guides and Congressional Report Cards. Our Voter Guides are designed to give constituents a well-rounded assessment of each candidate’s ability to represent secular values. Congressional Report Cards offer a snapshot of each U.S. Representative's voting record on various issues important to secular communities. 

View our Voter Guides and Congressional Report Cards



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