Atheists of Columbus

Open group, based in Columbus, Ohio.

A networking, social group for the Central Ohio area humanists, skeptics, atheists, agnostics, nonbelievers, freethinkers, and the curious. Atheists of Columbus is a member of the Columbus Coalition of Reason ( Atheists of Columbus endorses the mission of the Secular Coalition for America (

We meet every Friday. See the EVENTS tab for more info.

There aren't necessarily any rules, but acknowledge that as with any group, we will differ in opinion: Some atheists are pro-choice while others aren't, some atheists are democrats, some aren't. Keeping this in mind, dialogue at will.

Trolls will be removed, as will non-Columbus members trying to post non-essential links. Introduce yourself, tell us a bit about your views, and provide a link to a FB page or your website. Spamming is frowned upon, as it is in 99% of cyberspace. We do not permit solicitors!