Atheists for Humanity

Atheists for Humanity Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity non-profit based in Denver, Colorado. Our goals are simple: raise money and awareness for worthy charities and actively work to de-stigmatize atheists and atheism. Both goals will be accomplished through tax deductible donations made through this website and at fundraisers. AFH actively seeks opportunities to reach out to the public directly and through a continuous PR campaign, focusing on the positive charitable activities of donors and volunteers. AFH also reaches out to local, State, National and International Organizations representing the interests of Atheist, Humanists, Agnostics, Naturalists, Freethinkers, Skeptics, and other groups of similar orientations to encourage donations and volunteer activities. allows visitors to donate to multiple charities in one transaction. Simply enter the amount you wish to donate, select the charities you wish to donate to, then decide how to allocate your donation. Once the transaction is complete you will have the opportunity to print the donation receipt and you will receive a confirmation of your tax-deductible donation via email. Because AFH is a 501(c)3, our receipt is the only document you will need to prove the donations were tax deductible per IRS regulations. Additionally, AFH keeps all donor information private and confidential. Recipient organizations will not have access to the donors personal information. Funds will be remitted in the name of Atheists for Humanity. This means donors no longer have to worry about being added to multiple direct mail and marketing lists! Cost of Doing Business Currently, AFH covers operating costs by deducting 5% of donations made via the website. Primary operating expenses include credit card processing, a monthly shopping cart fee, po box, and annual domain registration fees. AFH is run entirely by unpaid volunteers using their own computers, phones, and offices. This allows the organization to minimize operating costs. Charity Selection Atheists for Humanity uses four primary criteria when selecting appropriate charities: I. Secular - Mainly relates to mission, activities, and primary source(s) of funding. II. Primary focus on education and outreach, sustainability, health and well-being (human and/or animal), scientific & medical research, etc. III. Low expense ratios using the guidelines set forth by the American Institute of Philanthropy AFH also considers charities on a case-by-case basis. Atheists for Humanity focuses on positive change through positive actions. We hope you will join us in supporting the many worthwhile charities you'll find on this website