Delaware Atheist Meetup

Delaware Atheist Meetup was established in June, 2013 and host bi-monthly meetings; one is strictly social in nature, offering us an opportunity to come together in a relaxed environment and enjoy each other's company, allowing us to freely express our individual thoughts and ideas that champion reason over superstition. Our other monthly meeting is intended to be more informative. As such, we have invited speakers to join us so that we can be better informed in our positions and understandings.

We also have a commitment to community involvement and have participated in several events in both Newark - our home base - and in the greater Delaware area. Notably, we participated in Newark's annual Community Day, a family-friendly event that features several hundred vendors and multiple stages for musical performances and entertainment.  This past year we were interestingly paired with Gideon International, which proved both funny and opportunistic for us – we were not only able to poke fun at the situation but also drew off more people to our booth than they.

We are also dedicated to serve within our community and have worked with such groups as the Food Bank of Delaware and "Code Purple," a program that provides shelter for the homeless when temperatures drop below 20 degrees.  These opportunities have allowed us to establish ourselves as a group that has the understanding that we are more than just a social activity and have the power to create change in our state. It also encourages us as we are changing attitudes towards atheists as well.

In addition to all of these activities, we have also successfully managed to have the Governor of Delaware issue a proclamation establishing the first Thursday in May as the "National Day of Reason."