Hispanic American Freethinkers - Orlando

The safest place to speak up about being a freethinker is a comfortable and familiar one. We need your help in creating a safe place for Latino/a freethinkers (or Librepensadores). A place where you can get together in person or online to discuss your former faith or the faith of your family and friends with others who think like you do--free from religion. Please join us in creating such as space and let's get to know one another.

Some Hispanics live without the fear of gods and superstitions. Many put their hope in science and their fellow humans instead of prayer and miracles. We have chosen to live without myths, without superstition and spirits, and to trust that reason and knowledge will lead the way. We find strength, joy, and meaning in life and we know morality has a natural cause not a supernatural one. Our goal is to teach one another HOW to think, not what to think!