Humanists of Colorado

• A chapter of the American Humanist Association (AHA). • Promotes and assists the development of Humanist organizations and groups within the state of Colorado. Goals: • To enhance the purposes of Humanism; to invoke the inherent dignity of humanity; to promote human rights; to eliminate the need for violence and war and to promote tolerance and peace. • To strive for justice; to do good for others; to advocate democratic principles; to affirm that ethics stem from human responsibility. • To promote the wise use of technology and science; to better the quality of life on the Earth; to promote the understanding of evolution. • To hold Humanist meetings; to provide for the education of Humanists; to promote the freedom of association; to sponsor, organize and promote educational events related to Humanist issues for members and the general public; and to publish Humanist literature and newsletters. • To promote the freedom of speech and the press; to promote religious freedom; to promote artistic, scientific, and cultural freedom. • To provide counseling in matters of ethics and human relationships; to ceremonialize marriage and other rites of passage; to strengthen the family and other positive human relationships. • To engage in any other activities which are consistent with the principles of Humanism.

2083 S Worchester Way
Aurora, CO 80014