Lancaster Freethought Organization

Lancaster Freethought Society

It is an exciting time to be a nonbeliever in the U.S. There are more people coming to reason in this country than at any other time in the past. Membership in atheist organizations is growing steadily and more people are standing up for their rights to be free from religion. The formation of the LFS is in response to the desire of Lancaster area free thinkers to become a part of this growing movement.

Our goals:

– Provide a social and intellectual community for freethinkers and their families.
– Enrich and empower our membership through education and activism
– Educate the public about non-theists and church-state separation
– Teach critical thinking skills and promote reason
– Defend and promote the separation of church and state

Community is LFS’s primary goal. We wish to provide a community for freethinkers in the Lancaster area. We will also search for ways to help our local community and help put a positive face on atheism. Some of these activities will be “Adopt a Highway” clean-ups, food drives, an “Ask An Atheist” booth at Lancaster Central Market, and participation in local festivals. We want to dispel the public perception of atheists as immoral self-centered people and secure a positive place in the hearts and minds of the community.

Family is important to LFS. One of the things that religion does so well is to create a social support system and a sense of community for its members. LFS wants to fill this role for nonbelievers in the Lancaster area. If you are sick in the hospital, a member might be able to visit or watch your kids while your significant other goes grocery shopping. If you lost your job, LFS might be able to assist you in locating new employment. You will have a network of friends to lean on. We want to grow as a community with you and your families.

Education is an important part of being a prepared organization.  Each monthly meeting will include a discussion. This can be a talk on anything related to freethought, science, religion, anti-aplogetics, philosophy, or activism. Members are encouraged to write and present a talk concerning any of these subjects. Let us know if you are interested in doing so. We also plan on bringing in guest speakers from time to time to share their knowledge with us.

Events are a great way to get to know each other, learn as a group, or just have fun.  Join us at our monthly meeting. Adults can come hang out with us on LFS Pub Nights. Families are welcome at picnics, play dates, pizza parties, bowling nights, and more!

Activism is sometimes needed to defend the separation of church and state in our area and nationwide. If religion tries to intertwine itself with our government, we need to speak out and make our voices heard!  This may take the form of picketing in front of a government office or filing a lawsuit to protect our first amendment rights.

Find out more about our upcoming events and meetings on I look forward to meeting you and your families and to welcome you as part of the LFS family!