Military Atheists and Secular Humanists - Fort Bragg, NC

M*A*S*H (Military Atheists and Secular Humanists) unit at Fort Bragg, NC is a social organization for atheists, agnostics, secular humanist and freethinkers in the Fort Bragg/Fayetteville NC area that is open to military members, retirees, veterans, spouses and even civilians.

We are building an inclusive, non-theist community to end the isolation many non-theists experience here and in the surrounding area. As an advocate group, we promote the rights of our military to exercise the freedom from religion that they defend, and strive to foster a positive view of atheists in our community.

1) Provide a safe, and fun environment for community oriented meetings and get togethers. Game/Movie Night, 5K Fun Runs, Family Activities, Speakers and other social gatherings.

2) To serve the vastly under-represented non-theist military population on post. To this end, we hope to ultimately establish an official tie-in with the Fort Bragg Chaplaincy. We'd like to have some of our meetups on post, possibly even in the Chapels. Additionally we aim to be officially recognized and listed on the Fort Bragg Chaplain's schedule of services that currently caters to Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and even Pagans.

3) Encourage the building of a strong activist framework to work together towards the various issues that face being a non-believer in the Military, or in a Military town. Together we can really make a difference. We can coordinate and network to affect a real change.