Oxford Humanists and Freeethinkers Association

MISSION STATEMENT THE MISSION OF THE OXFORD HUMANISTS AND FREETHINKERS ASSOCIATION IS TO ENGENDER AND ENCOURAGE CRITICAL THINKING. The Oxford Humanist and Freethinkers Association’s members are enthusiastic, intelligent, outspoken, rationally thinking and socially motivated individuals who are of diverse ages, political viewpoints, and occupations. Our minds and expectations are oriented to the sciences, the arts, and technologies because the foregoing improve the human condition. Our goals are to promote Humanistic beliefs that insights based on science, logic, and reason represent humanity’s best choices for enjoying today’s life and planning for tomorrow’s uncertainties. Our goals are to oppose any attempts to substitute religious dogma for political discussion, for legislation, or for coming to any conclusion dealing with the public realm. We are a nonprofit organization, and although our organization cannot favor any candidate or political party over another our organization may promote its philosophy independently of political endorsement. Individual organization members may participate individually as they choose politically, but not in the name of The Oxford Humanist Association.