Sinagogue of Satan

The Sinagogue of Satan is not only a organization but also a religion. The SoS exists to give people of subcultures and minority religions, a legal connection to their beliefs that can be used in a court of law if the need arises. Such as housing, job discrimination and harassment. And insuring religious rights while in the military services. The aim of this religion is the ultimate destruction of religions through the advancement of individual freedom, social responsibility and education. With freedom comes the responsibility of other people’s freedom. One man’s freedom must never become another man’s slavery. Without mutual respect and cooperation we will only continue to kill ourselves in the name of god, country and greed. The philosophy of the SoS undermines all existing religions including our own. Thus the SoS Philosophy is based on a paradox, much like the Tao. It is self-canceling and cannot become the new bully on the block. And, when society respects each individual’s rights, no matter how diverse, the Sinagogue of Satan’s Job will be complete.