South Asian Humanist Association

Educational campaign against killing, fear & persecution in the name of apostasy & blasphemy. Bring diversified South Asian humanist and non theists closer

We believe in humanity, the human potential and in serving the human interest. We believe the human experience to be the source of all knowledge.

This forum is open to anyone who believes in the critical examination of the religious texts and teachings, without the intention of causing offense to anyone.

Our aim is to form a group of the Americans of the South Asian origin, who believe in free-thinking, tolerance, pluralism and respect for all humans, regardless of their race, religion or gender.

We will strive to eliminate the Apostasy and the Blasphemy laws from the Muslim majority societies, since we believe these laws to be repressive, anti-human, anti-intellectual and the biggest impediment to the project of the Muslim reformation.

We want to promote the ideals of the religious freedom and of the freedom of conscience in the Muslim societies and expect that the U.N., the U.S. and the American left will become more vocal in support of these goals