Weston Society of Humanism and Freethought

Society of Humanism and Freethought promotes the formation of community groups for Freethinkers, Humanists, Atheists, and similar secular individuals. SHF also promotes the idea of secular community groups engaging with other community groups, including religious ones, in order to be stronger in service to their local communities and to the global community in general by finding common ground in good cause.

WSHF (Weston Society of Humanism and Freethought) seeks to bring together anyone who identifies with the philosophies, life stances and principles of Humanism, Freethought, Atheism, Agnosticism, Rationalism, Secularism and Skepticism. For the purpose of friendship, discussions, activities, celebrations and anything else that generally promotes a wholesome community, the advancement of scientific inquiry, the encouragement of freethinking, the support of good causes and the sharing of ideas.

Michael Scadden