Secular Texans Rise!

Secular Texans Rise
Texans Taking a Stand for Secular Values

Secular voters across the political spectrum have been ignored for far too long. That's why we submitted secular resolutions at the precinct and district conventions and reached out to both the Democratic and Republican parties in Texas to request a Secular Caucus at their upcoming state conventions. As a result, the Secular Coalition for Texas will have a Secular Caucus at the Democratic State Convention next week, where we will have a booth to distribute materials and educate the party about secular Texans and the issues we care about.

Three of our secular resolutions are under consideration to be incorporated into the party's official platform. The resolutions include a call for repealing religious exemptions to child protection laws as well as striking discriminatory language barring nontheists from elected office in the Texas State Constitution. You can find all three resolutions here.

Our presence at this convention is historic. We need your help to make our presence known at the convention that Texan secular voters and values we stand for matter.