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Who am I? A lowly dissident and amateur wordsmith. A thinker. I was raised by a devout Christian and an Atheist. I studied theology (among other things) and remained active in the church until the blinders were removed. The more I delve into the minute details of scientific theory, the more I am enamored with the world around me. I live in Texas with my life partner of 25 years. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies to become a Certified Paralegal who proudly rejected law school to pursue a life of civil disobedience (for the stylist, zip-tie bracelets). I am active in state and local politics, but my real passion lies in social and political activism, ensuring secular citizens interests are protected, and fighting for CLEAR separation of church and state. I founded my blog Define – Don’t Defend in 2010. It has been interesting to look back and see how my views have changed over the years. I also tweet at @annie_tx

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